Lapierre / 75th Anniversary

To celebrate 75 years of the historic French bike brand Lapierre, Bolder was commissioned to create full CGI films showcasing the 3 brand new, limited edition bikes being released. Working with agency Harriman Steel, we created sequences where the beautifully designed bikes stand still in an empty, abstracted, gallery space - being brought to life by waves of intricate particles, generating pace, drama and a sophisticated trail of motion.

Each bike - Road, Cross Country and E-bike were modelled from the ground up, being textured and lit to display every detail in atmospheric richness. A specific pallet of particles was designed to represent the different qualities, characters, attitudes and terrains of each bike. Dynamic camera moves orbit around the bikes with unique movements and varying levels of aggression for each bikes style, picking out design features and flowing along with the exclusive audio track by Ninja Tune artist Slugabed.​​​​​​​